Below the abbey of  Nonntal, one of the oldest quarters of Salzburg, Madero CollectorsRoom recently opened the doors to bring art,  20th century vintage design furniture, the legendary Hungarian Herend porcelain and glass from the famous Viennese manufactory of Lobmeyr to the city.

Alejandro Madero created something very special in the romantic neighborhood of Nonntal in Salzburg. With MADERO CollectorsRoom he realized an extension of his own passion and life experience in art and design. “I have collected now for over 30 years and have reached a point where I couldn’t keep it to myself any longer.  The older I get, the more I want to share.” Alejandro Madero is convinced that we have to pay more attention to sustainability and lasting values. “We need to take responsibility to preserve the old valuable techniques of European manufactories. If we loose this knowledge, it is irreplaceable.” In times of unstable financial markets, Madero says “… I’d rather stuff my money back into the mattress… of Mies van der Rohe.” 


Alejandro Madero also offers his knowledge and experience as an interior designer and decorator for your home. Contact:

Born in Mexico City, Alejandro Madero lived in Mexico, New York, Sweden and France. He later followed in the footsteps of his great-granduncle Francisco I. Madero, who studied in Salzburg and Paris, before becoming the spearhead of the Mexican Revolution and then being elected the first democratic president of Mexico.

“I came to Salzburg for the first time in 1983 to attend the Salzburg Festival. At the time, I was an art dealer and collector in New York. After that first visit I found every excuse to come back, also for my love of music.”