KRONE about our "Nonntaler Sommerfest"

SALZBURGER NACHRICHTEN about our "Nonntaler Sommerfest"

SALZBURGER WOCHE about Madero CollectorsRoom

SALZBURGER NACHRICHTEN about our Exhibition "Konrad Friedel"

KRONE about our Exhibition "Konrad Friedel"

SALZBURGER WOCHE about our Exhibition "Konrad Friedel"

RTS about our summer night party



We had a lovely summer nights party.

Thank everyone for beeing part of this succesful evening.

To get some impressions of our romantic neighborhood follow the link to the clip about our summer night party:



Kronenzeitung about our Christmascocktail

Salzburger Nachrichten about our opening night

Kronenzeitung about our summer night party

Kronenzeitung about our opening night